Strategic change processes
Restructuring of the Eendragtspolder

Restructuring of the Eendragtspolder

The situation

The Eendragtspolder, which is located between the Rotterdam neighbourhood of Nesselande, the village of Zevenhuizen, and Rotte and the Rottemeren, has always been agricultural land. Part of the polder has now been restructured into a unique recreation and water storage area with an international rowing course. Visitors and locals can now enjoy cycling, hiking, rowing, nature and top sports on the Eendragtspolder. Not least important is the fact that this area is also responsible for keeping everyone in the area dry.

Our contribution

Several government departments cooperated on this large-scale restructuring operation. We accepted responsibility for project communication in August 2012. The work culminated in the grand opening of the new polder by the former Crown Prince, His Royal Majesty Prince Willem Alexander. As chief press officer of this important opening event, Marco Maréchal was responsible for proactively approaching the press and informing them in good time from the very beginning. He was also co-responsible for setting up the event programme.

The result

The presence of 100 national and foreign journalists, at national, international, regional and local level, meant that the event was a big success. The intensive contact with the Royal Family, the RVD and Royal Relations also ran flawlessly.

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander opens rowing course
29 April 2013
On Friday, 26 April, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander cut his final ribbon as a prince when he opened the Willem-Alexander rowing course in the Eendragtspolder. Dike warden Hans Oosters explained, in an interview with news channel NOS, why the rowing course was named after the prince. The video can be viewed on the NOS news website: