Strategic change processes
Traffic Monitoring for Rotterdam Municipality

Traffic Monitoring for Rotterdam Municipality

The situation

Major events, such as the Rotterdam Marathon, football matches and concerts create accessibility problems in the whole region. The traffic control authorities wanted an information instrument that would provide real-time insight into the most important traffic junctions in the Rotterdam region to enable them to implement suitable measures to prevent traffic bottlenecks.

Our contribution

After having conducted a quick scan of the situation, we presented and recommended a solution that would improve the flow of traffic through the major traffic junctions to Rotterdam municipality’s ‘Netwerk Verkeersmarinier’ (traffic controller). We also selected a supplier that matched the specified requirements, and developed and set up a trial with a digital deposition truck. In addition, we also conducted a study among motorists to measure the direct effect of the digital deposition truck. The crucial aim was to influence behaviour and to affect public behaviour to such an extent that they would opt for an alternative.

The result

A network of sixteen cameras has meanwhile been set up on the 3G network, as a result of which it is now possible to follow images everywhere using a web browser. To avoid becoming tied up in long and complicated decision-making processes, we chose to purchase semi-autonomous cameras that could be connected to existing facilities, such as lampposts and traffic lights. The region has also meanwhile ordered four additional ambulatory deposition trucks.