Strategic change processes
Positioning district water boards

Positioning district water boards

The situation

The Dutch Union of District Water Boards represents all 24 Dutch district water boards. We collaborated with the heads of communication of all these district water boards to, among other things, improve their positioning in the media and also to improve the civilian and participation calendar by developing public relations management, a lobbying strategy (for the Dutch Upper and Lower Chamber of Parliament, the VNG and the IPO), and a structural policy for the stakeholders.

Our contribution

We have been doing this type of assignment for individual district water boards, such as the Rijnland, Schieland and Krimpenerwaard District Water Control Boards, the Rivierenland District Water Board, Vallei and the Veluwe District Water Boards for the past three and a half years. Our input has meanwhile also expanded to include the profiling and positioning of the district water boards across the entire sector.

The result

We used an active policy to reach the national and international press in a relatively short time. We were thereby able to better profile and reposition the district water boards in collaboration with the 24 other district water boards. We currently work for several district water boards and support them in the process of actively maintaining their positioning in the basins in which they operate.