Strategic change processes
Parking lorries

Parking lorries

The situation

The transport sector is bound by strict driving and resting times. However, lorry drivers do not have enough parking spaces to park their lorries in the Netherlands especially for long resting periods. As a result, many drivers park their lorries in the built-up areas, on busy parking areas on the motorways, and sometimes even in the emergency lanes. And then there’s also the issue of security; drivers can, after all, only rest out properly in secure parking areas, where they know they need not fear theft and robberies. For that reason, the knowledge organisation, CROW, has collaborated with the Chamber of Commerce to conduct a study into lorry parking in the Netherlands.

Our contribution

We supervised CROW and the Chamber of Commerce in the development of the strategic communication related to the study. We then collaborated in the determination and elaboration of the communication strategy. We also played an advisory and executive role during the actual implementation. We created a public-friendly version of the research report and held intensive discussions with the target groups concerned: the lorry drivers themselves. The most important components of the process included the stakeholder analysis, the participation of the drivers and the testing and feedback of the findings to the target group.

The result

The fact that we involved the drivers and the transport organisations in the campaign means that the research report is now supported by the whole transport sector and that it actually fulfils a need. It also means that it has not simply become another piece of paper that will end up at the bottom of someone’s drawer. CROW and KvK (Chamber of Commerce) will also present the report as a platform to the VNG and other government organisations, including the TLN (Transport and Logistics the Netherlands). Perhaps most importantly, this project has generated a great deal of publicity for this theme.