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Opening the Nederlek dike reinforcement

Opening the Nederlek dike reinforcement

The situation

After reinforcement works that lasted seven years, the first major dike reinforcement process in the High-water Protection Programme (HWBP for “Hoogwater Beveiligingsprogramma”) was finally completed. This means that the Lekdijk line is once again safe and in good order.

Our contribution

We seized this opportunity to show the outside world how the public experience this kind of intervention. What do they come across in this kind of process and how do they deal with it? We did so based on another major dike reinforcement process, namely (BAS) Bergambacht Ammerstol and Schoonhoven. We showed the work operations through the eyes and experiences of a number of local dike residents.

The result

The result was a cinematic representation of the entire process of civic participation and environmental management that was broadcast on NOS Journaal as the first dike reinforcement project and a component of the Delta Programme (former Delta Commissioner Veerman).

Nederlek dike reinforcement on NOS Journaal and Newshour
24 September 2012
Saturday, 22 September, was Day of the Dike and also the date of the inauguration of the Nederlek dike reinforcement project at Lekkerkerk. NOS Journaal and the Dutch Newshour broadcast items on dike reinforcement. The videos can be viewed on our website.


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