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National Environment Day

National Environment Day

The situation

Environmental management is a growing phenomenon: a wide range of organisations have begun to follow the example of the Dutch Government in appointing environmental managers in social interest projects. The time is therefore ripe to profile environmental management as a profession and to set up a community for the further professionalisation of the trade through the exchange of knowledge and experience. The Dutch Government, APPM, Depond and Movares took the initiative to set up just such a platform. They then held a number of meetings and produced an inventory of all the functions such a platform could fulfil and to determine the best structure for the platform.

Our contribution

Marco Maréchal played a principal role in putting environmental management on the map during the plenary debate. His view was that the environment has been a key issue for a long time; the question that remains now is how to deal with it. Not every organisation is aware of the importance of the environment and many have no idea how to properly address their different target groups. Besides this contribution to the central debate, we also collaborated with the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard District Water Control Board to hold a workshop on environmental management in the ‘Krimpen dike reinforcement’ project.

We also held a presentation to map out the dilemma and the approach to environmental management and participation in dike reinforcement processes.

The result

Our input helped the District Water Control Board to profile itself as an organisation that is actively and consciously dealing with environmental management and that also makes funds and resources available to that end. We made it clear, in a substantive way, that environmental management is no mere trick or magic wand. It will only be possible to achieve results by authentically empathising and actively engaging with all the different target groups.
The environmental manager does not exist