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National district water board elections

National district water board elections

The situation

The district water board elections are held once every four years. The 2009 district water board elections were special in that it was the first time the political parties were candidates in the national district water board elections. Moreover, a number of different national organisations, including the group which does not trust voting machines, also reported to the press. The voting process was further complicated by organisational problems.

Our contribution

The district water board is always challenged when it comes to stimulating people to actually cast their votes. It was also rather hard to grab attention during the lively elections in 2008 due to the ‘media violence’ between the national parties. We managed to get our message out and to get 1.2 million people to the polls thanks to our focused project communication, approaching the press and representation. One of the promotional stunts we deployed was to get Maarten van der Weijden to swim the city canals in Leiden to focus the attention on the district water board elections and the importance of those elections.

The result

The promotional stunt with Maarten van der Weijden was broadcast on all the national news channels (NOS and RTL Nieuws), as well as by de Jakhalzen, a component of the Dutch TV show, De wereld draait door (DWDD).