Strategic change processes
More accessible Zuidoost Brabant (BBZOB)

More accessible Zuidoost Brabant (BBZOB)

The situation

The supple flow of local traffic is a vital aspect of the proper functioning of any region; both in terms of the economy and in terms of liveability. Zuidoost-Brabant already had an abundance of knowledge and expertise in the field of ICT, automotive and mobility. The next big task was to bundle all those strengths. This is why RWS, the Province of Brabant, BBZOB and TNO jointly took the initiative to set up a public-private cooperation (PPS). The main goal was to accelerate the introduction of cooperative systems in the automotive industry. The PPS is known under the name, Dutch Integrated Testsite Cooperative Mobility (DITCM).

Our contribution

Our organisation was invited to position DITCM and to secure the commitment of the 15 proposed parties, namely, TomTom, Logica, TNO, the regional municipalities, such as Eindhoven and Helmond, the national government, the Province of Brabant, Fontys Hogeschool and TU/e. This meant: creating support and stimulating cooperation.

The result

DITCM has been positioned successfully in the Dutch and European market, and all the parties concerned have committed (both in terms of money and time). Spending sufficient time on mutual relationships and interests has made it possible to determine the financial commitment of each of the stakeholders. The international community is also following the progress of this process closely, and countries such as Japan and Brazil have visited the Netherlands to acquire knowledge and experience and exchange information about the unique format within which the organisation was set up and executed.