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Evening president of the PVDA conference

Evening president of the PVDA conference

The situation

The Dutch Labour Party held a theme evening about accessibility (traffic and transport). The purpose of the event was to create awareness of the problems of accessibility. We were asked to organise the event as an interactive session and also to chair the evening event.

Our contribution

We invited specific target groups with extensive knowledge of accessibility, including the Fietsersbond, Transport en Logistiek Nederland and Connexxion. A number of citizens also attended the event, which ran smoothly and energetically. The interactive session was a lively debate between a panel of experts on a range of possible and impossible solutions to the issue of accessibility. The audience reacted and participated in the discussion.

The result

The lively discussion was extremely effective in raising awareness; but it also fulfilled a second goal: it gave concrete impressions and examples of the nature of the problem, what the professionals are faced with, and what could be done differently and how. The conference cranked up the dialogue between the target groups and the Labour Party. It also yielded concrete input concerning the problems at play in this theme. The party will use the input obtained during the event in its work in the forthcoming period.