Strategic change processes
Awareness campaign for Droomsloot

Awareness campaign for Droomsloot

The situation

It’s not only the district water boards that are responsible for the care of our surface waters; it also depends on whether you are the owner of the property or not. Although they are rarely aware of this, the agricultural sector and civilians are also responsible for maintaining ditches. Good ditch maintenance can contribute greatly to the quality of the water. Water flora and fauna can flourish in clean, well-maintained ditches. Plants make ditches and their banks beautiful, while fish, frogs, and other types of aquatic animals keep the water and surrounding areas alive and busy. Moreover, the ditches are all interconnected and collectively form a complete water system. If any given area suffers a drought, water is pumped in or out to ensure a balanced water supply throughout the system. This is however only possible if the water is able to flow freely through the ditches.

Our contribution

We set up an awareness campaign for the Rhijnland District Water Control Board: ‘The Dream Ditch’. We handed out 10,000 field guides to show which types of plants and animals live in high-quality water. And then we set out to find the ultimate dream ditch. We invited private individuals, schools, companies, farmers and nature conservation groups to nominate the most beautiful ditch.

The result

By avoiding a pedantic approach, and instead adopting a positive and playful tone, we were able to realise a much higher level of commitment to water quality amongst the different target groups. That way, the people in the environment had to do it themselves and therefore also felt personally responsible.