Strategic change processes
Accessibility of the Rotterdam City Region

Accessibility of the Rotterdam City Region

The situation

The Rotterdam City Region also keeps its focus on ‘accessibility’ and ‘traffic flow’. Based on the idea that better information provision leads to more efficient behaviour, the city region asked us to actively think along with it to develop these aspects over the coming years. One of the resources used is an interactive website which maps out the accessibility of the whole region.

Our contribution

We put together all the information that a commuter would need in an easy-to-use and transparent manner on the site: from metro times to parking rates, from water taxis to bicycle routes, and from road works to car pool zones. The site also shows current tailbacks. We then also developed and implemented a communication plan to generate name familiarity for the site. We used a wide range of communication instruments (above and below the line) that are aligned with different target groups. We also launched a press/media offensive. The only way to influence behaviour, after all, is through empathy and feedback, and by testing all communication activities.

The result

The site became known and popular in a very short time, as a result of which it was possible to control the traffic flow in the Rotterdam City Region more effectively. Result: prevention and reduction of tailbacks and unnecessary bottlenecks. Our organisation was even nominated for the VanAnaarBeter Award in 2007 because of this project.